Lately we’ve been looking at the major challenges that B2B marketeers are facing in recent times. We chanced upon the table below that was reported back in early 2016 and had to chuckle at the prominence placed on a list that is pretty far removed from the everyday challenges that we see and hear on a regular basis.

  • To understand and use context in content marketing
  • Creating videos that make an impact on the video driven web
  • Marketing to a mobile first audience
  • Changing sales tactics for an audience that is already 85 per cent through the sales journey
  • Humanising marketing messages, ditching the jargon
  • Making the most of micro-moments, as people glance at the web
  • Using influencers for successful campaigns
  • Reaching people who are opting out of marketing, thanks to ad-blocking
  • Optimising email marketing after it went out of fashion in favour of social
  • Big data, everyone talks about it but no one really understands it

Taking for granted that the list and data behind it must be reliant (and not just designed by the agency that did the research and no doubt want to sell half the services mentioned!) do marketeers really lie awake at night worrying about micro-moments? Do they spend fretful weekends pouring over how human their messages are?

Maybe we’re mixing in the wrong circles but most B2B marketeers we speak to have challenges that look more like the following;

  • Generating more sustainable leads and prospects for sales to close
  • Ensuring these leads are delivered at the lowest cost to acquire possible (but still of good quality!)
  • Working on retaining these clients for as long as possible whilst not pissing them off by cross selling to them too much
  • Helping to turn these clients into loyal advocates who sell on your company’s behalf
  • Increasing market share to help deliver solid growth figures
  • Acquiring and developing top class talent or agency resource to deliver on all of the above

This list may not be as cutting edge or ‘of the moment’ as the one above but we’re pretty sure that if a B2B marketing team got this right first then they could then start to worry about some of the other superfluous points.

It falls more in line with research carried out by B2B International that can be seen on this link here . Although the business challenges match our list, the marketing challenges still take more of a communications and brand focus rather than aligning with the business challenges that can be seen in the second table below. This shows that there is a disconnection between marketing and business priorities especially about increasing sales and revenue opportunities to help grow market share.



Which just leaves us with one piece of advice to any B2B Marketeer; be more commercially focused and align marketing with business goals.