B2B Marketing North
Getting around in the North

The idea behind this fantastic blog is to look into the varied and at times complex world of B2B Marketing. We’ll look across the whole spectrum of industries and marketing channels and highlight the good, the bad and the downright ugly.  The blog is designed to help B2B marketeers in their conquest to take over the world and try and show that consumer marketeers don’t always have all the fun, even though they often hog the limelight with their big budget productions (not that we’re jealous!). Expect a blitz of news, views, guides, insights, the odd moan and we’ll also try and help some of you in your quest to climb the career ladder.

Why the North? Well we’ll cover examples of B2B marketing from across the globe but there’s this powerhouse thing going on North of Birmingham so we’re sure this must lead to something good. The M4 corridor in the UK contains a general smorgasbord of B2B elite brands doing some great work so we’ll touch on this. However we want to try and fly the flag for those brands nestled among the cobbled stones and dirt tracks of Northern England and Scotland that are trying to pack a decent punch when it comes to marketing to business customers.

If you have anything interesting you want to share with us feel free to get in touch, we promise we won’t bite and will try and avoid the use of northern dialect at all times so you can ascertain a clear response.

Eh bah gum it’s gonna be reet good flower……damn it!?! Must try harder to soften the northern dialect references.